Hello!  My name is Jennifer and I travel despite a day job.

People always tell me…

“Are you ever in town?!”
“What country are you in now??”
“I can’t keep up with you!!”

So, ok.  I travel quite a bit.  I enjoy it.  Don’t we all??  With Instagram and Facebook constantly feeding you wondrous and filter-tastic images from all corners of the world, how can you not be inspired?

And quite frankly, I ponder all the time how I can be like those free-spirited travelers who flood my Instagram, unconventionally travel the world full time, and still manage to produce a steady income.  It seems the only way to do that is to find a career that allows you to be mobile.

One day…  I always say.  One day, I’ll create my side hustle generating obscene amounts of money day trading, getting sponsored to travel for my fantastic writing, or creating an online tutorial sensation  that will allow me to quit my 9-5 job, and travel the world.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

But the reality is, I actually don’t mind my conventional day job.  I work a standard corporate job in the bay area (not exactly Silicon Valley, but close enough!) within the biotech industry.  I manage a department with a team of incredibly fun and talented individuals who motivate me everyday.  And there are days I hate my job and blame each additional gray hair I find on my head on the stress and frustrations I get due to the lack of processes in place or the failure to convince someone that I’m right.  😉  But hey.  My job is rewarding.  We find cures.  We save lives.  And I get paid decent.

But how do I satisfy my insatiable desire to travel while still maintaining a career with a standard corporate job?  Can you really live the life of an avid traveler if you are tied to the confines of your cubicle or office working a standard 9-5 job with the puny 2-3 weeks of American vacation a year, if that?  I mean, must the two be mutually exclusive?

Well, while we attempt to find the philosophical answer to that enigma of a question, I’m not going to sit around twiddling my thumbs and waste time not exploring.

So I plan, I prioritize, and I pursue.

To the extent that now, the most common question I get is… But do you even work??

I am so amused by the frequency of this question, and the follow-up questions of how, that I would like to share with you my travels to inspire and tempt, and my tips and tricks for you to make it happen, even without quitting that day job.

I hope you enjoy!  Please share your feedback, and thank you for visiting!

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